Middle School Combined Next Year

Superintendent Wayne Weber

At the February 15 regular meeting, the Rosendale-Brandon School Board voted to consolidate  middle schools at Rosendale Intermediate School starting next school year. It was a decision that garnered much attention throughout the state and was met with both support and strong opposition within our district. The question before the Board dealt with what they believed was best for the district moving forward – academically and socially for students and the ability to effectively staff and fund our district now and in the future.

Our current and past boards have done the best they could to provide a quality education and opportunities to all students in the district. Tough decisions have been made in the past and future tough decisions lie ahead. Currently, enrollment changes and aging facilities present challenges to work through. As decisions are made, there are those who are in favor of the outcome and those who are not. The Board represents the citizens of the District in making many of those decisions. As those decisions are made and the final votes are counted, my hope is that regardless which side of a decision we fall on, we can stay united in working to do what we feel is best for our children and our District as a whole.

We have a district with a strong history of academic excellence and extracurricular success. I am confident that will continue as we navigate this consolidation. The District has had to evolve due to many changes since the late 1960s. The only constant is change. The Rosendale-Brandon School District is a great place for children to learn and grow regardless of the building they attend. That continues to be the number one focus of our Board and school staff.

Our administrative team has already begun working on a transition plan for consolidation. There are staffing considerations and logistics to iron out. As those transition decisions are made, information will be shared in the Spartan Sentinel, on our website, and through our parent emails.