Superintendent Wayne Weber

As I write this article, we are just finishing the coldest stretch of weather ever recorded in Wisconsin! It’s hard to believe that even Wisconsinites found weather too unbearable to be outside. As a district, we cancelled four days of school in the past two weeks. I don’t recall that happening before during my time in the district. As I stated in an article last year, every reasonable effort is made to continue the operation of our schools during adverse weather conditions. However, consideration for the safety of our students is our primary concern, and the closing of schools can be expected when severe weather conditions occur. I don’t think anyone could argue that we just experienced the most severe of weather conditions.

As a result of the weather, many of us were cooped up over the past few days with our families. Even those of us who went to work during the day may have found our children at home at night due to all activities being cancelled. It was a very different few days in my household. Everyone was home for dinner, and nobody was flying out the door to make it to a practice or a meeting or whatever. I believe my household was relatively the same as many others over these past few days. My phone message encouraging kids to go old school and read a book and play board games resulted in a number of photos of kids doing just that being shared with me. Kids, thanks for following through on that; I’m proud of you. And parents, thanks for sharing the photos. (I didn’t see any photographic evidence of rooms being cleaned. I guess we’ll leave that for the next “snow day.”)

So that’s how I am going to remember these past few days–not the frigid temperatures, frozen pipes and frozen vehicles. I am going to remember that those cold temperatures actually froze time a little bit. As a result, life slowed down a little, and I got to spend a little more time with my family. I hope this week happens again. I don’t mean the temperatures. I hope that I find more opportunity to slow our schedules down to spend more time with family…and I wish the same for you. No school program or club activity can replace the importance and impact of positive family interaction. I shouldn’t have the rely on Mother Nature to slow the schedule.