Superintendent Wayne Weber

In last month’s article, I gave a shout out to our teaching staff for their efforts in coming up with a means to educate our students during this time of school closure. This month, I believe another shout out is in order. This time, it’s a shout out to our parents!

When the initial school closure was announced,  we met it with the hope that it was a short-term solution, and we would be back in school face-to-face sometime in May. While it was a scramble for school districts to initiate virtual learning, the reality of setting up routines, learning new software programs, and helping children with school work (more than ever before) fell on the laps of our parents. Many of us parents had the notion that we could manage learning from home through the end of April and then our children would be back at school. Then came the Governor’s message that schools were closed until June 30. While I had the feeling that was going to be the case, hearing it become a fact was disheartening for me as an administrator, but even more so as a parent. Seeing the impact of this pandemic on a family isn’t easy for any parent. We are social creatures by nature and most of us are not wired for isolation.

So here’s to you parents! For staying positive in light of not so positive situations. For understanding the struggles your children are going through during this time, even when they aren’t able to articulate those emotions.  For finding ways to keep your children focused on academics while limiting screen time exposure. For finding creative ways to do things as a family and maintain everyone’s sanity at the same time. For these and so, so many other things you are doing for your children!

You are and always will be your children’s first, and most important teachers. Children learn how to respond to love, to success, to adversity, and what to value from their parents. So as you continue to work with your children as they are educated from home, remember all the things you are teaching them that aren’t coming from a book. Thank you for your efforts and the support you continue to show your children and our school district.