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November 10, 2020 – I hope this email finds you well. I want to take time to share some information with you as well as thank you for your continued support as we work to educate our children to the best of our ability during this difficult time. Your support is greatly appreciated by our staff and school board.

It’s understandable that many of us are feeling a stress level like never before. One cause of anxiety is fear of the unknown. District families and staff have asked to know what conditions would cause the District to shift modes of learning to blended or virtual only. There’s no easy answer, no magic algorithm. I analyze district metrics daily. The administrative team meets weekly. I also meet with the FDL County Health Department weekly along with other county school leaders. We analyze local and county numbers and trends. During these meetings, the health department has continued to recommend that we keep our doors open to the best of our ability. The health department believes closing school doors won’t cause a stop or slow in spread of COVID for a couple of reasons. First, the health department isn’t seeing evidence of school spread within the county. Second, without closing all businesses in the county or state, closing school won’t necessarily result in a slowing of spread as children will be together outside of school whether for social reasons or daycare coverage. At least while in school, they are together with safety measures in place. That is why the health department is not currently recommending what some other districts are considering such as extending Thanksgiving break. At this point, I don’t disagree with that thinking.

What will lead to changes in modes of learning is our ability to properly staff our classrooms or if we have reason to believe that there is classroom / school COVID spread. Again, this is why we closely monitor our district metrics on a daily basis.

In an effort to help us continue to keep our doors open to our students and staff and keep them as safe as possible, the Health Department has provided us with new recommendations that we will be implementing immediately. 

When to quarantine household members:

  • No Known COVID-19 Exposure
    • If a student is home sick and having Covid symptoms, he/she should get tested.  His/her household members do not need to stay home and quarantine until the ill student has a positive test result.  (*If symptoms include loss of taste or smell then all household members should stay home and quarantine until results are back.)  If the result is positive then the household members need to stay home and quarantine.  If the result is negative then the sick student can return to school when they have been fever free for 24 hours and symptoms have improved.
    • If the student does not get tested, then he/she needs to remain home isolated for 10 days from their symptom onset.  The household members do not need to stay home and quarantine. (*If symptoms include loss of taste or smell then all household members should stay home and quarantine through the 10 days the sick student is in isolation, and then an additional 14 days after that (or 14 days from the last day of exposure to the sick student).
  • Known COVID Exposure
    • If a student is home sick and having Covid symptoms he/she should get tested.  His/her household members should stay home and quarantine until results are back.  If the result is positive then household members need to continue to quarantine.  If the result is negative then the household members can go back to school/work. The sick student will need to finish out the 14 day quarantine.
    • If the student does not get tested, then the household members need to stay home and quarantine through the 10 days the sick student is in isolation, and then an additional 14 days after that (or 14 days from the last day of exposure to the sick student).

Again, thank you for your continued support. As always, I encourage you to reach out to staff directly to show your appreciation for their continued efforts. Many of you have already done so and your kind words mean so much. Thank you! 

Should you have any questions regarding our COVID response, please do not hesitate to contact our School Nurse, Chrystal Meli at or 872-5402.

October 14, 2020Dear Rosendale-Brandon School District Families and Staff, 

Keeping our students and staff safe and healthy is our number one priority. We are excited to announce that in partnership with the Fond du Lac Health Department, we are able to provide free, in-district COVID-19 testing for our students and staff. One challenge to keeping our schools open and our students learning in a face to face model is the length of time it takes to get COVID-19 test results to determine if a student or staff member needs to quarantine or can safely return to the classroom. Students miss out on learning opportunities and finding substitute teachers is difficult. 

To help expedite the testing process, the District is coordinating with the Health Department to provide in-district testing for District students and staff under the direction of School District Nurse Chrystal Meli. The intent of this process is to get testing done more quickly, and therefore, get test results sooner. This in-district testing option is available immediate starting October 14.

When and How to Get Tested

IF AT HOME: If a student or staff member is at home and has symptoms of COVID-19 (cough, shortness of breath, fever, chills, sore throat, runny nose, muscle pain, headache and new loss of taste or smell), the student or staff member should stay home. 

  1. Contact appropriate school office to notify school of absence
  2. If interested in getting tested, parent/guardian/staff member should contact Nurse Chrystal Meli at 920-872-5402 or to request a testing appointment
  3. Student/Staff member will be swabbed
  4. Carrier will pick up swab with in 24 hours
  5. Results are faxed to the SSM Health Covid Clinic  
  6. SSM Health COVID Clinic will inform Parent/Guardian or Staff Member of test results 
  7. Parent/Guardian of Student or Staff Member please contact Nurse Chrystal Meli at 920-872-5402 or with results
  8. If result is positive, the Department of Health will also reach out to Parent/Guardian/Staff Member for further direction

IF AT SCHOOL: If a student or staff member is at school and has symptoms of COVID-19 (cough, shortness of breath, fever, chills, sore throat, runny nose, muscle pain, headache and new loss of taste or smell), the student or staff member should report to the isolation room

  1. Parent/Guardian contacted and informed of students symptoms and the need to pick up their child 
  2. Parent/Guardian will be asked if they would like the student tested for COVID
  3. With Parent/Guardian consent student will be swabbed
  4. Carrier will pick up swab with in 24 hours
  5. Results are faxed to the SSM Health Covid Clinic  
  6. SSM Health COVID Clinic will inform Parent/Guardian or Staff Member of test results 
  7. Parent/Guardian of Student or Staff Member please contact Nurse Chrystal Meli at 920-872-5402 or with results
  8. If result is positive, the Department of Health will also reach out to Parent/Guardian/Staff Member for further direction

We are pleased to offer this service to our district families and staff. We believe getting results faster will help us make critical decisions quicker and assist with contact tracing to stem the spread of COVID-19. Faster testing will make it easier for all of us to keep doing our jobs to the best of our ability and keep all students learning and achieving! 

If you have any questions about the testing process, please contact Chrystal Meli. 

Sincerely,  Superintendent Wayne Weber

September 23, 2020 – By now I am sure you have heard that on Tuesday, September 22, Governor Evers extended the statewide face covering mandate through November 21. This means that the District will continue to abide by this order and require all individuals ages 5 and older to wear a face covering while indoors or in an enclosed space while in the presence of another person who is not a member of the individual’s household. As you know, this is what we have been doing since our doors opened to in-person learning five days a week on September 1.

Face coverings appear to be working in our district at this point. Since September 1, we have had four positive student cases and one positive staff member case (as of 9/23). To date, there has been no evidence of transmission of COVID to students or staff while at school. Our sincerest hope is that we continue that trend. We are continuing with our mitigation efforts including face coverings, distancing when possible, hand washing, and increased surface cleaning.

Governor Evers’ original face covering mandate was set to expire on September 28. With that order set to expire, the Rosendale-Brandon School Board voted on Monday, September 21, to extend our district face covering mandate which was originally part of our reopening plan only at the high school level. This means, regardless of when the Governor’s mandate ends, the Rosendale-Brandon School District will require face coverings for all ages 5 and up when distancing cannot be observed or other physical barrier, such as plexiglass, is not present.

This requirement was put in place with great thought and consideration. There were a variety of factors which led to this new requirement. Seeing our classrooms full of students truly demonstrated that distancing is not really practicable in many of our settings. We anticipated more families would choose remote learning. To date, we have only about 70 students 4K – 12 who have selected remote learning. While we can provide time and location for distancing for many students at points during the day, it is not possible to do so throughout the day. When and where we can adequately space our students, they would not be required to wear face coverings under our district plan once the state mandate expires. That determination of when and where students are adequately spaced will be made by each building principal. 

While the topic of face coverings is controversial for many in our community, our responsibility is to do the best we can to keep 1,000+ students and 150+ staff members as safe as possible. I believe it would be irresponsible of us to disregard the recommendations of our local and state health departments. At this time, wearing face coverings, practicing good hygiene, and social distancing are the recommended practices by these organizations, so that is what we are doing. Should these organizations change their recommendations, we would consider those changes at that time.

While no plan or procedures will please everyone, I believe it is in our students’ best interest to be in school learning with their peers. In order to do this, we need to be able to keep our doors open. This means we need to have staff available to keep those doors open. While I don’t believe face coverings and distancing will 100% stop the spread of COVID, our state and local health departments have repeatedly told us it is our best chance of mitigating the risk of exposure. As I stated earlier, we have experienced this with the positive cases we have seen so far. Thankfully, none of those close contacts have exhibited symptoms and / or tested positive. I believe face coverings have an impact on mitigating the spread.

There are a variety of resources to support this assertion. Fond du Lac County Department of Health Services webpage Childcare, Schools and Colleges contains a variety of resources for schools. One link on that page is Cloth Face Coverings: What Families Need to Know. Another resource is a press release from July from the CDC: CDC recommendation for wearing face coverings. The Wisconsin Department of Health Services also recommends face coverings along with other safety measures. 

The School Board and Administration reviews our COVID metrics and response measures at each month’s board meeting and will make adjustments to our operational plan as needed for the health, safety, and success of our students and staff.

September 11, 2020-  FDL County Health Department Return to School Flowchart:

August 21, 2020 – As we work to open the 2020-21 school year, we are in continuous communication with Fond du Lac County Health Services. Please watch the following message from County Health Officer Kim Mueller as she describes what our partnership with them will look like this year and as she reminds us about our responsibility to follow the guidelines to keep each other safe, which, in turn, will help us keep our schools open.

English Video  

Spanish Video

You will find additional information and resources below. These resources include what to do if you (or your children) are sick, how the District will respond to illness, and a sample notice that will be emailed home if a positive COVID case occurs at school.

We look forward to welcoming students back soon!

August 7, 2020 – Dear Rosendale-Brandon Families,

The start of the school year is right around the corner. Next week you will be completing the process of registering for the 2020-2021 school year. Some of you have already indicated your preference for your children attending virtually or face to face. Regardless of your choice, you need to register your child(ren) on Wednesday, August 12.

 We want to provide you with additional information related to our return to school plan. This information is general in that it relates to the District as a whole. Building specific information will be sent to parents as our administrators and leadership teams work to finalize them. As stated in our initial plan, this information is subject to change as we receive updated information.


  • Every classroom will have a sanitation station and cleaning throughout the day
  • School buildings will have increased circulation of outside air
  • Internal doors will be kept open to avoid creating high touch surfaces
  • Adjusted student pedestrian patterns and relocated classrooms within buildings to provide distancing
  • Removal of furniture and reconfiguring teaching spaces to create space for distancing
  • Installation of signs such as hand hygiene, social distancing, and covid-19 symptoms installed throughout the buildings
  • Physical barriers will be used in offices and in some classrooms
  • Dedicated space in each building for isolation as recommended by county health professionals
  • Custodial services increased and checklist used to record cleaning and sanitizing of areas
  • Only visitors for essential purposes will be allowed in schools and will be required to wear a face covering*

 Before the School Day

  • Parents are asked to screen their children at home; if they are displaying any symptoms of illness they should be kept home
  • Staff are asked to screen at home and if experiencing symptoms, stay home
  • Students taking the bus are required to wear face coverings* and sit with family members in assigned seats
  • Buses will be cleaned after each route
  • Parents are encouraged to transport their children to school even if they are on a bus route

During the School Day (Face to Face Learning)

  • Students in grades 4K-12 will attend school 5 days a week
  • Face coverings* are required for children 5 years and older
  • Face coverings* are encouraged for children under 5 years of age when physical distancing is not possible
  • Elementary and middle school students are in core groups. Students remain with their group to the greatest extent possible and teachers rotate to the classrooms
  • High school students transition throughout the day with safety measures in place
  • Teachers will monitor students throughout the day for symptoms
  • Students should bring water bottles as all water fountains will be turned off. Hands-free bottle filling stations will be available
  • Maintaining social distancing will be followed as much as possible
  • Access and directional flow will be regulated when students are entering and exiting the building and transitioning during the day
  • Field trips and large school gatherings will not take place at this time. This will be re-evaluated as the year progresses
  • Teaching will include limited use of manipulatives. Items such as books or classroom equipment that cannot be cleaned will be quarantined for 72 hours before it can be reused
  • Larger spaces and outdoor areas will be used for instructional delivery whenever possible

 Virtual Learning

  • Virtual learning will be provided for all students in grades 4K through 12
  • Students are virtually present 5 days a week
  • Virtual instruction will be conducted via live lessons and recorded videos
  • Quality high-speed internet vital to the success of students learning virtually
  • Students will log into the classroom where other students are attending in person and follow live instruction
  • Attendance will be monitored
  • It is the responsibility of the student to be on time, follow the daily schedule, and complete all of the teacher assigned tasks and activities
  • The district will maintain the same high expectations for virtual students as we do for face-to-face students
  • Grading will be the same as those attending in person
  • Grades will count towards a student’s GPA at the middle and high school levels. Virtual high school students are required to earn the same credits for graduation as face-to-face students
  • Some classes may not be available in the virtual setting due to the nature of the coursework

 In the Event of a Positive Case

 Our School Personnel will continue to meet and update our plan as we receive information from state and local agencies. As we receive this information, it will be communicated out to you.

 Thank you for your continued support as we work to create the best learning environment for our students.

*Face covering  means a piece of cloth or other material that is worn to cover the nose and mouth completely. A face covering includes but is not limited to a bandana, a cloth face mask, a disposable or paper mask, a neck gaiter, or a religious face cover. A face covering does not include shields, mesh masks, masks with holes or openings, or masks with vents.

  • Individuals seeking accommodations due to medical conditions, intellectual or developmental disabilities, mental health conditions, or other sensory sensitivities that prevent the individual from wearing face coverings will need documentation from a healthcare professional and/or have the accommodation indicated in their IEP where applicable.
  • Even with a healthcare provider exception, we would still need to analyze whether the recommended exception would be safe in the workplace and school setting. Other safety practices would need to be put in place. Accommodations will be developed on a case by case basis.

Additional Resources:

Fond du Lac County Health Services COVID-19 Resource Website

Wisconsin DPI COVID -19 Information for School Health Services

Wisconsin Department of Health Services COVID-19 Resource Website

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention COVID-19 Resource Website

June 24 Press Release – On Tuesday, June 23, Fond du Lac County K-12 school leaders (public and private listed below) met with the Fond du Lac County Health Department to discuss how to best work together to ensure the safety of our students, staff and families of our districts. The discussion centered around summer activities as well as planning for the upcoming school year.

As we work together, we know that we will not be able to completely eliminate the risk of COVID-19 but try to mitigate risk while delivering an effective education. As a group we have agreed to these three main topics:

  • The Fond du Lac County Health Department will provide supporting metrics to help determine at what level of capacity activities and school can safely take place. Schools will be provided ongoing, additional recommendations and guidance to ensure best practice.

    Description of Capacities:

     *Open with precautions (In-Person Learning)

     *Partially Open with precautions (Blended Learning)

     *Fully Remote – all school buildings are closed (Virtual Learning)

NOTE: Each District, school, classroom, etc. will be impacted differently because of positive COVID-19 cases. This will be fluid and based on testing, contact tracing and the ability to mitigate risk because of increased infection in each unique environment.

  • The group will work to identify areas of commonality to provide consistent and predictable expectations.
  • This group is dedicated to meet throughout the summer to plan together. The Fond du Lac County Health Department and school leaders are dedicated to creating a data driven, collaborative plan to make the best decisions possible.

Together we strive to open our schools and facilities to provide the best education, social and emotional experiences for our students, families and community. We are all responsible for our health, the health of our children and participating in practices that mitigate the spread of virus and disease. Only together will we be able to open schools and keep them open. What we do matters!

Campbellsport School District           Oakfield School District

Fond du Lac Christian School            Ripon School District

Fond du Lac School District              Rosendale-Brandon School District

Lomira School District                      Saint Mary Springs Academy

North Fond du Lac School District     Winnebago Lutheran Academy

June 22 – I am sure there are lots of questions about what “school” will look like in September. As a district, we have been holding off finalizing plans until we received much needed guidance from the Department of Public Instruction (DPI). That guidance was released this morning and can be viewed at Please note that the DPI has stressed this guidance should be considered “fluid” as the health situation in the state changes.

The administrative team and school board will be utilizing this guidance, as well as input from families and staff, as we construct a plan to return to school this fall. Parents, please watch for survey information in our upcoming parent emails. There is much to consider when creating a plan that keeps students and staff physically safe; cares for student and staff social-emotional and mental health needs; and meets the educational needs of every student. As you will see in the guidance document, one of the assumptions regarding public health is that a COVID-19 vaccine is not likely to be in broad circulation during the next 12-18 months. This means our education plans need to be more fluid than ever as we will likely see periods of quarantine over the next two school years.

We will work diligently over the next few weeks to develop a plan of action so we can all get our minds wrapped around what school will look like moving forward. Thank you for your patience and flexibility as we work through this process. As always, communication is important during any uncertain times. Please reach out to your child’s building principal with any questions or input you may have.

June 16 –After much deliberation it is with great disappointment that we have made the decision to alter our normal Summer School experience this year. In considering the recommendations provided by the Health Department and CDC, we have determined that it is not feasible to offer an in-person experience at this time. We will be offering some structured activities to help prepare students for the upcoming academic year. CLICK HERE TO VEIW THE OPTIONS.

May 19 – While our school buildings and grounds remain closed to school-sponsored instructional and extracurricular activities through June 30, our outside property is now open for public activities the same as prior to the Safer at Home Order. Please note that our buildings are still closed to all school-sponsored (other than those considered essential services) and non-school sponsored activities.

May 11 –  The district has set aside the first 4 days of June for parents/students to pick up student materials left at the school and to drop off any materials the District provided to you. Parents/Guardians were sent an email today with a link to SignUpGenius, allowing you to select a 15-minute time slot that best fits your schedule to pick up items and drop off Chromebooks, chargers and any other devices or textbooks the District may have provided. Your building principal will soon follow up with directions about which parking lot to use for this curbside pick up/drop off process.  Please watch for these emails.

May 5 – Due to Governor Evers’s announcement on April 16, 2020 that all Wisconsin school buildings and grounds be closed until June 30th, we have no option but to cancel our traditional graduation ceremony planned for May 31st. We know this spring has brought numerous disappointments to our seniors; it is for this reason that it was important to us that we work with them in an attempt to find a solution. Over the course of the last two weeks, the head senior advisor, Mr. Froseth, along with Ms Raue and Mr. Thomas, have met with the Senior Class Commission members to discuss alternative plans. In accordance with their wishes, we have tentatively planned an in-person graduation ceremony for Friday, July 10th at 7:00 pm assuming that restrictions prohibiting gatherings have been lifted by that time. This date change will require School Board approval and will be discussed at the May 18th meeting. If restrictions are still in place, the students have decided to proceed with a virtual ceremony as a final option. Keeping in mind the various schedules of their classmates leaving for school, the military, or other commitments, along with the need to bring closure to their high school experience and take the next step in their lives, a virtual option was seen as a last resort. Thank you for your continued patience as we work within the constantly changing and evolving circumstances in which we find ourselves.

April 27 – Graduation Materials Curbside Pickup: Seniors may pull up in front of Laconia on Wednesday, May 6th between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm in order to retrieve their order from Jostens. No need to leave the comfort of your cars! For the safety of all involved, items will be brought to you. Please remember that balances due on the product will need to be paid at pickup time.

April 23 – High School Event Postponements/Cancellations: Many of you have been contacting us with questions or suggestions about high school events that have been postponed or canceled due to COVID-19. Please know that our high school administrators and teachers are working with the class commission members in order to receive input from students so we can best meet their needs at this time. We are doing our best to meet student needs and comply with the social gathering restrictions that extend for school districts at least through June 30, 2020. Thank you for your understanding and patience as we work through this.

April 22 – The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSC) recently launched a customer service phone line for people who need help locating phone or internet service during the COVID-19 public health emergency.  More information available here.

April 16 – Mr. Weber emails this letter to parents based on today’s update from Gov. Evers.

April 15 – Help Us Help You!   Find out more here.

April 6 – Families with district-provided MiFis are reminded that students should be using their assigned Chromebook with the MiFi.  All district owned devices do run internet content filtering software for the protection of our students.  Thank you for your cooperation during this time.

March 27, 2020 – Sometimes staff/students will need to work on their Google Drive files when access to the internet is not available. This document will show you how!

March 17, 2020 – Governor Evers announced all WI public schools are closed indefinitely.  

March 16, 2020Beginning on Wednesday, March 18, all buildings and grounds in the Rosendale-Brandon School District will be closed for all events, school-related or not. The District will remain closed until face-to-face classes resume April 14. (Spring break is April 9-13.) April 14 is our projected date of reopening which is subject to change based on the fluidity of the situation. Virtual learning experiences will begin on Thursday, March 19. School office staff will be available for phone calls and email correspondence but buildings will be closed to walk-in visitors.

All 5K-12 students have been issued a Chromebook as a resource for virtual learning. Our 4K students will have other materials sent home. If you do not have reliable internet access, please respond to the internet survey previously shared in our parent emails, or contact your child’s school office. Your child’s teacher(s) may have already been in contact with you regarding what to expect during this virtual learning experience, but if not, he/she will be shortly. We have encouraged staff to be flexible as this is uncharted territory for all–students, teachers, parents. We ask the same of you. There will be a learning curve for all of us. As always, two-way communication is the key as we work through situations that may arise. Please communicate with your child’s teacher(s) with questions, concerns, or compliments. If students have technology trouble, they (or an adult) should contact their teacher. If they are not able to contact their teacher, they should call the appropriate school office. The teacher/office personnel will contact the appropriate technology support. 

One thing to keep in mind is setting limits for the use of Chromebooks and other electronic devices as well. Students will not be required to be on a device 24/7 for educational purposes, regardless of what they may try to tell us parents ;). For our students grades 6-12 we are aiming for daily lessons of 20-25 minutes per content area and shorter times for our younger students. 

In addition to virtual learning, the Rosendale-Brandon School District will be providing free meals to students in need while schools are closed due to COVID-19. At this time, the District will be offering free meals to Rosendale Brandon School District families thanks to support from private donors. If those funds are depleted, additional information will be shared.

  • Free meals for school-aged children can be picked up outside the Laconia High School main entrance, Monday through Friday from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. beginning Wednesday, March 18. This location was chosen because it is centrally located in the District.
  • All meals will be served in a grab-and-go fashion and will include milk. Individuals will not be allowed to enter school buildings, and meals should be taken off site to be consumed.
  • All meals will be free regardless of current eligibility status or location of school enrollment. No identification or proof of enrollment is needed.
  • For special diet restrictions, please contact our Food Service Director Andrea Schneider at or 920-872-5305.
  • Delivery can be arranged for special circumstances. Please contact our Food Service Director Andrea Schneider at or 920-872-5305.
  • IMPORTANT: Meal pickup times and details may be adjusted as needs are evaluated. Please visit our website or Facebook page for updated information as it becomes available.

Please know that we are dedicated to serving our students and families and look forward to your continued support and our continued partnership as we provide the best possible experience for our children.

March 13, 2020 – The Wisconsin Department of Health Service has called for statewide school closings beginning Wednesday, March 18, and extending through at least April 6. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding as work through this evolving situation. We will continue to keep you informed as this situation continues to unfold.