Superintendent Wayne Weber

The results of our Community Survey regarding the future of our facilities are in. Now it’s time to analyze what the community has told us. The Board reviewed a summary of the results at its November meeting. The summary was provided by Bill Foster from School Perceptions. Mr. Foster provided an overview of the results for the Board to review and provided insight from his 20 years of experience helping school districts gather, organize and analyze data.

His summary included the following information and recommendation:

What did we learn?
 –  A very high response rate (31%) suggests that the community is very engaged. Average response rate is 20-22%.
 – The District scored well above average in terms of overall satisfaction, as compared to similar school districts.
 –  A majority of all resident respondents support the District exploring a referendum to update the schools.
 –  If a $29 million referendum were held today, the outcome is too close to call.
 – Of the additional projects tested, a majority of all key subgroups would likely support a referendum to renovate the Tech Ed/Agriculture areas.

Looking ahead
 – Mr. Foster suggested consideration of pursuing a referendum for the recommended base package for April 2022 and letting the voters decide.
 – He also suggested consideration of adding the renovation of the Tech Ed/Agriculture areas to the referendum but keeping the total project cost under $30 million.

The Board received the summary data and members are currently taking time to further analyze the raw data, including comments. As with any decision, there are a myriad of opinions on the direction the District should go. The Board is tasked with reviewing the input they have been given and decide which direction to go. At their December 20 meeting, the Board will discuss and consider the next steps in the facility planning process, whether to proceed with a referendum question in April or whether to move in a different direction.

Thank you to those who took time to share their thoughts via the survey. Anyone interested in seeing the survey results summary or the comments provided on the survey can visit our webpage and click on the “Community Survey Results” button.

Other results are also in! The Department of Public Instruction released its statewide school and district report cards. As a district, we were assessed with “Exceeds Expectations.” Each school in the District met or exceeded expectations, with Rosendale Primary School earning “Significantly Exceeds Expectations” honors.

District Curriculum Director, Leanne Greff, was asked to comment on the report cards for a local newspaper. Her words eloquently summarize how we, as a district, view and utilize the results.

“The Rosendale-Brandon School District is incredibly proud to again score as a district that exceeds expectations, which is a testament to not only our students’ hard work and effort, but also to the continued commitment and support provided by our staff, parents and community members.

The school report card is a useful tool in monitoring the growth and achievement of our students.  This year’s report card is unique in that it utilizes data from 2017-2018, 2018-2019, and 2020-2021 due to the lack of data available from the 2019-2020 school year.  That said, we are particularly proud of our scores in the priority areas of achievement and on-track to graduation. Despite the disruptions to  education that students, schools, and families have dealt with over the past few years,  the Rosendale-Brandon School District again scores well above the State in these areas.   In addition to celebrating our strengths, we will also use the data provided by the report card to identify areas of need among our students and adapt our focus and instruction to facilitate future growth.”

Additionally, Rosendale Intermediate School was recently recognized by U.S. News and World Reports as among the top 30% of elementary schools and middle schools in Wisconsin! We are proud of this recognition earned by our students and staff.

Great things are happening everyday in our District. Being in our buildings we can see it as a matter of practice, but it’s gratifying for all of us when those achievements are recognized by those outside our walls. Whatever the topic, we use results to drive our continuous improvement process in order to best serve our students and community into the future.